Hello! Welcome to my UHL 2332 (Academic Report Writing) wikispace. I am Ainol Haryati Ibrahim, an Associate Professor at the Center of Modern Languages and Human Sciences.

UHL 2332 is the third course in the English Language curriculum for degree students at UMP. The pre-requisites for this course are UHL 2312 (Technical English) and UHL 2322 (Technical Writing).

For the current semester, all the students registered in my sections for this course(Sections C21, C22, C23 and C24), will need to create their own individual wiki accounts, and a group account for their group. Please go to the "Getting started with Wiki" page for guidelines on how to create your own wiki.

Let's together embark on a journey of discovering the joys and perils of technology-enhanced language learning! Have a terrific semester everyone, and don't forget to have lots of fun!

P.S. Attached is my schedule of classes for this semester, for your reference