Chapter 1 - Introduction

These are the slides to guide you in drafting your Chapter 1.

This is a sample of an introduction to the topic.

Here are some samples taken from my previous students:

Group Auroragirls on Sleeping Habits

Sleeping as in the case of eating is a vital basic necessity in our daily lives. Sleeping helps us rejuvenate and restores our energy after an entire day of strenuous work or studies. Having too little sleep, also known as sleep deprivation, can be either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause bad emotion, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight gain. Thus, affecting us mentally and physically. Therefore, sleeping is essential to students, or in the case of our research, university students of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).
UMP students have been found to have irregular sleeping habits. A majority of the students sleep less than 6 hours a day whereas some sleep short hours or naps at separate intervals in a day unlike the normal full stretch sleep. This is caused mainly by the academic workload of the students of different years and the rate of involvement of the students in university activities. Students who are in their second year have a heavier academic workload as compared to the first years. Second year students also participate more actively involved in activities, as they are already accustomed to the life here. The first years have less academic workload but they are still adapting to the university life, which makes them less active in activities. Hence, the second year students sleep less and have a more abnormal sleeping habit compared to the first year students. The reason why we have targeted the first and second year student of the Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology is to see the relationship between sleeping habits and the effects to a students mental and physical health.

Group Asdana89 on UMP Library

Library is not just a building or place that store information but one of the best suitable place for student to do their revision, group learning and group discussion or another else. As we know, library is a place that full of knowledge. The knowledge comes not only from books or journals, but it also came from media, maps or other documents by do a research. In the 21st century, library provides internet services and some electronic gadgets as sources of knowledge which is can help users to find out the information fastest than others. For example, there have a lot of modern equipments that lets students easily accessible to find material needed for their work.

However, from our observation only a few of UMP second year Industrial Chemistry students are going to the library for the last semester season (2008-2009). Either it is due to a fixed time or dissatisfaction level with library services or any other relevant reasons. So we have decided to do a small case study based on this statement.

Group HambaAllah on Stress Among UMP Students

Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way (Smith, Jafe -Gill, and Segal;2009). Stress occurs to anyone, when caught in stress situation they evokes negative thoughts and feelings. But, in a certain condition stress can also evokes positive thoughts and feelings towards the person. Even though stress happens to anyone, the same situation is not evocative and stressful for all people. Not all people experience the same negative and positive thoughts and feelings when stressed ( Whitman ;1985.) As an example, both Project Management and Mechanical Engineering are two different courses and both experienced different learning situation. Project Management students are mostly interact with human which differs from the Mechanical Engineering student where mostly involved human with machines interactions. The level of stress experienced by students from both courses are most likely to be different from each other.

The objective of the study is to compare the level of stress between Project Management and Mechanical Engineering students and to investigate the major factor that causes stress. This study will also find out how stress affect their lifestyle. Moreover, to determine the decision of student when confronting stress either positively or negatively. Questionnaire survey paper will be distributed to 115 participants from both courses. This report will describe the procedure used and the findings of the study conducted.

Before you start work on the first chapter of your report, do take some time to understand the following:

The Process Approach to Report Writing

1. Choose a topic
- Consider the following when deciding on a topic :-
a. does the topic contain a problem that needs to be looked into?
b. what aspects of the problems do you intend to research?
c. what are you research questions?
d. can you find answers to your research questions using research tools such as questionnaires?
e. are respondents available to provide you data?

2. Write research questions

3. Review related literature

4. Decide on a research tool

5. Collect data

6. Analyze and interpret data

7. Draw conclusion

8. State implications and make recommendations

9. Revise, edit, proof-read and submit report